Territory Manager for: Head Office

I’ve been with Dutch for over 3 years. I like working for Dutch because of its open friendly environment. There’s always something new to learn and do and having the opportunity to travel to different trade shows and talk to and meet new customers makes the experience rewarding. Everyone seems to have the same work ethic and end goal, which is to provide a superior and quality product.


Over the years, I’ve become more familiar with the products, and having the knowledge to explain to a customer our product and how it will benefit them makes my work very enjoyable. For instance, explaining to a customer how our cab filters are more cost-effective.


I have built a great rapport with some of the dealer parts people by chatting with them on the phone and in some cases have met them in person at trade shows. I’ve driven in some fun winter driving conditions traveling to and from trade shows.


As I look to my future with the company, I think there are different ways to expand my knowledge of our product; from trade shows to spending the day out on the road with one of our territory managers. We are always coming up with new innovative products, and the company is continuously expanding and improving.


What sets Dutch apart from the competition is that the company we’re continuously expanding and improving our product and our knowledge of what our customers are looking for to improve their operations.


I grew up in a small Saskatchewan town, working for local farmers and helping with everything from hauling grain, hauling bales, running manure spreaders, servicing equipment, etc. I also worked for my dad who owned his own auto repair shop and being in a small town we worked on everything from a local farmer’s grain truck and combine to patching a tire on one of the town kid’s pedal bike.


I have been married for 25 years I have 2 boys – 23 years and 21 years. I enjoy woodworking, camping, and spending time with my family, friends, and my two dogs.