I’ve been with the company now for 5 years. Since January 2018, I’ve enjoyed working in a tight group that is very involved with each other. 


One of the reasons I like working at Dutch is that it’s a small, family-oriented company. In my position, a new customer is a new puzzle. I have to solve the riddle to find them the perfect product for their operation.


I grew up on a family farm. That experience comes in handy on a daily basis during my encounters with dealers and producers in my territory.


One of the highlights of my time with the company is the many times I and the rest of the team have solved customers’ issues. It’s rewarding after multiple visits to address an issue and we come up with a solution after learning what doesn’t work. My territory has some of the toughest conditions such that if our products can work for my customers, they can work for anybody.


As I look to my future at Dutch, I’m excited to contribute to the development of our current and upcoming products. I’ve spearheaded a couple of our bigger innovations lately and I’m looking forward to learning and adapting to new innovations in the Ag industry.


What sets Dutch apart from the competition, I think, is the company’s great ability to directly connect with the customer and directly address their issues. This is both in focusing on shortcomings and being proactive with new innovations. 


I grew up in Porcupine Plain, a small connected community in Saskatchewan, Canada. When I’m not out helping producers and dealers, I’m always busy with sports or helping on the family farm. My family still farms and I help when I can. I live in Saskatoon with my wife and pets.