I’ve worked for Dutch Agriculture for 5 years, starting one week prior to the arrival of my first grandson!


I enjoy my position with Dutch as I’m able to interact with producers and dealer associates to suggest solutions to address seeding or fertilizer banding issues and challenges. This is where I draw on my past experience in the Ag industry to try different practices. I’m also able to access years of engineering and sales experience from within our team to help aid in these recommendations.


I have been involved in the Ag industry for most of my career. I’m a Journeyman Parts Person and have successfully managed an automotive repair and tire shop, and sold farm and shortline equipment at an Ag Dealership. I’m a retired volunteer fire chief and managed an emergency services department for a municipal district. All these past occupations have honed my ability to connect with clients, provide exceptional and timely customer service, and have enabled me to consult with a network of professionals outside the Dutch team for additional advice if required. 


My time with Dutch has allowed me to develop relationships with new acquaintances on a personal and professional level. My interests in hunting, sport shooting, snowmobiling, fishing, boating, and numerous hobbies allow me to start casual conversations to break the ice when meeting new clients or associates. These ice-breaking conversations are less awkward while cold calling and also lead to less aggressive calls in a possible dissatisfied customer experience while using our products. This has allowed me to become quite trusted in my recommendations and has contributed to the sales growth in my territory. I’ve also developed some close personal relationships with clients that will last a lifetime.


I look forward to years of future employment with Dutch taking me to my retirement years as those seem to be approaching quickly. Having said this, I don’t have a time frame or specific age as to when this may happen. I’ve always said as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re having somewhat fun while employed, and your health is good; why would you want to retire? This excites me with Dutch, as I don’t believe that there is an age where retirement would be forced as in some other companies. 


We have a dedicated team of management, engineers, and employees that take interest in their chosen career paths rather than just filling a job. This allows us to excel in meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. Most of our team has some type of agricultural background and passion which puts us as one of the go-to companies for solutions.


I was born and raised in Andrew, Alberta – Canada, a rural farming community, where I currently reside returning after moving away to pursue a municipal career in the emergency services sector.


I have been married for 35 years, and have 3 adult daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and 2 grandsons. I’m fortunate to have been able to raise my family in my hometown which has kept our family quite close. I enjoy spending time with my children, grandchildren, and relatives. This does keep us quite busy and it seems that we are always on the run, really no different from when the kids were growing up and involved in various extracurricular activities. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!