I’ve worked at Dutch for 4 years now. I enjoy working for Dutch because each day is different and there’s always something exciting around the corner. 


Customer service is always the main focus and, in a world, where many industries seem to be going backward in that regard, it’s good to see we keep it at the forefront. 


I’ve made many great friends with both my customers/dealers and producers alike, the people in the Ag industry are just flat-out excellent. Having strong enough relationships that there is 100% trust both ways is really powerful. I’ve got plenty of friends from my time at Dutch that we now text and call about personal things and not just work-related items. 


Then there are also the ones you meet for 5 minutes and they invite you in for lunch. I remember one producer I met briefly and the next time I went out to help him change openers, he invited me and my dog to stay for dinner! They even suggested I bring my family out in the winter for a sleigh ride, pretty cool! 


I’m excited for the future with Dutch as we’re always at the forefront of innovation in the opener world; willing to try cutting-edge things and learn a ton from them, succeed or fail. Dutch being quite an agile company allows us to react quickly when needed and also be very proactive about what’s coming. At Dutch we want to win and we plan to. 


I grew up in both Saskatoon & Regina, but I’m happy to work in the rural country day in and day out. I’ve got 2 beautiful daughters, a wonderful fiancé, and one heck of a hound who helps me sell openers most days, haha. He’s been welcomed onto farms and into dealerships across my territory.