Your fields once ripe with the fruits of your labour are now barren, just lying in wait under the frozen ground for the 2016 season.  I know it may feel too soon to talk about the 2016 season when you’ve just finished working so hard this season, and the hum of the drill or combine has not yet left the back of your mind.  But, don’t feel overwhelmed about what’s to come in 2016 because I want to help make this your best year yet with just these three painless tasks: refreshing, recharging and researching.



Finally, it’s here, your long awaited for down time.  You’ve worked countless hours, sometimes 20+ hour days, you deserve a break!  I know there are still a few things you need to finish up, maybe tuning up that quad or cleaning out the Quonset, but this is it, don’t forget about taking some time for you and pace yourself on these big projects.  Catch some “you” time, some family time and refresh yourself.  Take that family trip you’ve been talking about, or maybe even just have a nice dinner out, take time to celebrate your accomplishments this year!



Reinvigorate your passion for your farm, and improve the way it functions.

  • After you’ve taken some down time, check out the newest, biggest, and brightest in agricultural technology by visiting some trade shows.  Not only do you get to learn what’s new on the market, but you might learn a new skill or technique that can help you next year at one of the seminars or speaking sessions.
  • Organize your space; make it more functional so you can find your tools easily when you need them.  If you don’t have a system, make one.  Make sure your toolbox for the cab of your tractor has everything you need, and your toolbox in the Quanset is stocked…if you’re missing anything get it replaced before you are too busy.
  • Get your equipment tuned up, and take note of anything that will need to be replaced this year, i.e. worn tires or broken opener tips.



Do your research on what you have to work with for your 2016 budget and what needs to be replaced or updated, and tackle it right away, so your pocket book doesn’t hurt later.

  • Don’t forget that Winter is also off season/buying season for agriculture equipment and fertilizer inputs, so most ag retailers have the best discounts on right now and many have trade show specials, so don’t forget to ask when you are visiting trade show booths! Check out the Off Season Deals to get a deeper discount, don’t wait until last minute and risk the stress of last minute purchases and higher prices.
  • Did you have a specific field that didn’t perform well this 2015 seeding season?  Research some ways to get that yield up for 2016, seek out reputable soil samplers with a good record of quality and price.  I’d recommend testing for both your Macro’s and Micro’s, PH, Organic Matter, and Compaction, which a standard soil test will usually cover.

On behalf of Dutch Industries, thank you farmers for all of your hard work and for putting food on all of our tables! Merry Christmas!


Written and Published by Jessica Kohls, BSc, PgCE – Dutch Soil Biologist

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