Gallery & Video

Introducing the All-New Dutch BioSpreader 8020 PTX. Farmers asked and we designed a bigger, tougher, smarter and quicker BioSpreader.
We put the BioSpreader 7020PT through a rock ejection test to further test the strength and durability of our robust beater design. Watch the video and see the results.
The Dutch Industries BioSpreader 7020PT can unload in 90 seconds. See it for yourself.
To see the original design of the R&D BioSpreader going through the many steps and processes of mechanical and manure spread testing please watch the video above.
This is a thing of beauty! With crops coming off and the fields ready for spreading, our BioSpreader PTX packs a real punch – for any size operation. We love seeing our products in action!
After spending many hours testing our BioSpreader 8020 PTX last Summer, Gary wanted the first one on the market. The Dutch 8020 PTX delivers bigger.
How to adjust a loose chain on a Dutch BioSpreader - with our Design Engineer, Demi Turnbull, and our Southern Alberta & North West U.S. Territory Manager, Terence Peatman.
Our powder coating team doing an incredible job as always to give this Dutch BioSpreader unit under fabrication its distinctive black colour.